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TANPU PLC glass making machine Autoclave Easily Operate Laminated Glass Machine

Glass laminating machine is a device used to make laminated glass. It is a high-strength glass made of two or more glass plates sandwiched with a layer of PVB or EVA film. Laminated glass not only has explosion-proof, bulletproof, sound insulation and other effects, but also can prevent UV damage. The glass glue machine adopts advanced automation technology, which can achieve efficient production efficiency and high-quality product quality. It has the following characteristics:

1. High precision: The use of advanced control technology can ensure the accuracy and consistency of laminated glass.

2. High efficiency: The use of double-layer parallel design, heating both sides at the same time, can greatly improve production efficiency.

3. Insulation performance: The equipment can be heated by air or oil, effectively protecting the laminated glass from the outside temperature.

4. Safety: The equipment adopts multiple safety devices, such as explosion-proof doors, emergency stop buttons, etc., to ensure safe production.

5. Easy to operate: The equipment is simple to operate, one person can easily operate.

Glass glue machine is widely used in construction, automobile, aerospace, military and other fields, is a kind of high quality, high efficiency production equipment.

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