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TANPU big size automatic glass washing and drying machine with 3 section washing structure glass washer

Product features:

1. Intelligent control: Using advanced intelligent control technology, it can automatically adjust the washing force and washing path according to the glass surface, automatically avoid obstacles, and ensure the washing effect and safety.

2. Efficient washing: high-speed rotating brush head and efficient water spraying system can quickly remove dirt and water stains and improve washing efficiency.

3. Multi-function: It can be applied to various types and sizes of glass surfaces, including Windows, mirrors, etc.

4. Safety and stability: The use of high-quality materials and precision manufacturing processes, with good durability and stability, can ensure long-term safe use.

Product parameters:

1. Washing speed: 3-4 square meters of glass surface can be washed per minute.

2. Washing efficiency: can quickly remove dirt and water stains, washing efficiency of more than 90%.

3. Applicable glass thickness: 4-19mm.

4. Washing method: high-speed rotating brush head and water spraying system.

5. Control mode: intelligent control system.

6. Power supply: AC220V/50Hz.

7. Power: 120W.

8. Dimensions: 350*350*100mm.

9. Net weight: 4kg.

10. Accessories: washing machine, power cord, washing liquid, washing brush head.

Product Details