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TPL4225-20 Angle Changing Glass Straight Line Double Side Edging Machine edge grinding machine

High Efficiency Glass Straight Line Double Edging Machine Introduction

As a leading glass manufacturing enterprise, we are proud to present our high efficiency glass straight line double edging machine. This cutting-edge machinery is equipped with the latest technologies and advanced features, which make it an ideal choice for glass processing industries.

The machine is designed to straighten and shape glass with high precision and accuracy, making it a perfect fit for the production of high-quality glass products. It can process all types of glass, including laminated, tempered, coated, and float glass, among others.

One of the most impressive features of our double edging machine is its cutting speed. With a maximum processing speed of 15 meters per minute, it can handle high volume production with ease, making it perfect for large-scale manufacturing operations.

The machine's advanced computerized control system ensures that all the edges of the glass are precisely processed, and its automatic tool adjustment function ensures that each piece of glass is processed with the same level of accuracy.

Other features of our high efficiency glass straight line double edging machine include:

- Energy-saving design

- High-quality diamond grinding wheels

- Automatic lubrication system

- Touch screen display for easy operation

- Smart software system for automatic calculation of glass size and thickness

In conclusion, our high efficiency glass straight line double edging machine is the perfect solution for any glass processing project. With its advanced features, it can guarantee high-quality glass products with maximum efficiency and minimal wastage. Please contact us for more information on our machinery and services.

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