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Customized Automatic Production Line Double Edger Glass Machine Glass

Glass double edging machine is a special equipment for glass processing, can be used in flat glass, architectural glass, automotive glass, home glass, process glass and other glass processing fields. The equipment adopts advanced numerical control technology and high-precision mechanical structure, which can realize fast, accurate and efficient glass processing.

The device has the following features:

1. Bilateral grinding: The two edges of the glass can be ground at the same time to improve processing efficiency and accuracy.

2. Numerical control system: The use of advanced numerical control system to control equipment operation and processing parameters adjustment, can be customized according to different materials and processing requirements.

3. High-precision grinding head: The equipment is equipped with high-precision grinding head, which can achieve high-precision grinding effect and ensure the flatness and accuracy of the glass.

4. Automatic adjustment: The equipment has an automatic adjustment function, which can automatically adjust the position of the grinding head and grinding parameters according to the thickness and shape of the glass.

5. Easy operation: The device is simple to operate and can be controlled through the touch screen interface, which is convenient to operate and easy to use.

Double edge grinding machine is an efficient and accurate glass processing equipment, which is widely used in the field of glass processing, and is an indispensable and important equipment in the glass processing industry.

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