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PLC Control Fully Automatic Easily Operate Tempering Glass Furnace with Best Service Glass tempering machine

Glass tempering furnace is a kind of high temperature treatment equipment, mainly used for the processing of tempered glass. It uses advanced technology, with high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, durable and other characteristics.


1. Heating method: electric heating, gas heating or mixed heating.

2. Working temperature: up to 1200℃.

3. Furnace size: customized according to customer needs.

4. Control system: PLC control system, with automation, digital, intelligent and other characteristics.

5. Safety system: with over temperature protection, power failure protection, leakage protection and other multiple protection measures.

Product Introduction:

This product is made of high quality materials, with high strength, high heat resistance, high corrosion resistance and other characteristics, can work stably for a long time. The furnace adopts special structural design, which can realize uniform heating and ensure the quality of glass tempering. At the same time, the control system has a high degree of intelligence, simple operation, and good stability and reliability.

This product is widely used in glass processing, construction, furniture, automotive and other industries, is an essential processing equipment. We can provide customers with customized products and services according to their needs, so that customers can enjoy high quality processing experience.

Product Details