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TPL Cutter Glass Machine Cutting Machine Automatic Three in One Function Machine GLASS Cutting

A glass cutter is a special tool used to cut and process glass. It usually consists of a cutter head and a cutting track, which can help users make glass in various shapes and sizes.

Main components:

1. Tool head: The tool head is usually made of a hard alloy blade and can cut glass. The shape of the blade varies according to its use and is usually divided into wire knives, diamond knives and wheel knives.

2. Cutting track: The cutting track is a fixed track used to guide the movement of the tool head. It is usually made of metal or hard plastic to ensure that the tool head stays straight during the cutting process.

3. Operating handle: The operating handle is usually located at one end of the cutting track. It is used to control the movement of the tool head to ensure that the glass is cut into the desired shape.

4. Cutting oil: Cutting oil is a special lubricant used to reduce the friction between the tool head and the glass, so that it is easier to cut.

How to use:

1. Mark the lines you want to cut on the glass.

2. Press the cutting track tightly by hand and place the cutter head on the marked line.

3. Gently move the tool head along the cutting track while applying light downward pressure.

4. When you hear a "squeak" sound, it means that the cutter head is cutting the glass, continue to move the cutter head along the cutting track until the cutting is complete.


1. Wear goggles when using the cutting machine to prevent glass fragments from hurting your eyes.

2. Be careful when cutting glass to avoid excessive force or unbalanced cutting.

3. When using cutting oil, be careful not to overdo it, so as not to affect the cutting quality.

4. Pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the cutting track to ensure that it is smooth and smooth.

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